5 x 7 inches  pastel on archival paper
Windswept Path
Crossing Bridges
Southern Glow
Spring, Like a Dream
Soft Texas Air
Desert Dawn
Moonrise Meditation
Good Morning Grace
Reawakening - SOLD
Patchwork Prairie
Shenandoah Whisper SOLD
First Light - SOLD
Midday Sage - SOLD
Moonrise Stillness
Desert Spring
Desert Good Morning
Shenandoah Green
Last LIght
Spring Morning Mist
Sublime Tree Line (Patience is Sublime)
Summer Shadows at Eastgate Pond
Hazy Day at the Lake
Rare Green
Divergent Paths
Soft Morning Light - Tulare, California
Dry Creek Bed
Desert Morning up the Hill
Desert Morning Light
Spring Landscape Study - Inspired by Tryon
Soft Sunset SOLD
Sky on Fire
Soft Sunset
Soft Desert Light
Transitional Sky
Backlit Mountains
Heavy Sky
 6 x 6 inches  pastel on archival paper  private collection
First Snow
Preserve Paddocks
Morning Sandpipers
Long Shadow of History/Hope for the Future
Estuary Egrets
Along the Canal
Estuary Palms
Desert Sage II
Peaceful Estuary
Estuary Palm
Autumn Moonrise
Renewable Energy
Gold Coast II
Home on the Estuary
Green Light
 5 x 7 inches  watercolor on paper
Divergent Paths II
Morning Dew
Peaceful Dawn
Estuary - SOLD
SOLD      30-A Pines
Smith Brother's Pond - NFS
SOLD - Sage Path
Enchanted Forrest SOLD
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