Peaceful Autumn Dawn
Spring Landscape - Inspired by Tryon
Water Lilies
Water Lily Dream
Estuary Palm
Peaceful Estuary
SOLD - Asian Garden Bridge
Divergent Paths II
 5 x 7 inches  watercolor on paper
Green Light
Long Shadow of History/Hope for the Future
Peaceful Dawn
Morning Dew
Ancient Oaks
Sands Point Paddock at Dawn
Enchanted Forrest
SOLD - Sage Path
SOLD      30-A Pines
Desert Sage II
Desert Glow - SOLD
Rare Green
Dry Creek Bed
Soft Sunset - SOLD
Divergent Paths
Hazy Day at the Lake
Soft Morning Light - Tulare, California
Tahoe Granite
Eastgate Clouds
Eastgate Lily Pond
Ancient Live Oak
Room to Breathe
Pines at Twilight
Oak Silhouette
Sunflower Field - Aplin Farms
Renewable Energy
Estuary, Soft Morning Light
Under the Live Oaks - SOLD
Field of Grass
Emerald Coast
Warm Shallows
Gold Coast
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