Snowing Ginkgo
End of Summer Black-eyed Susans
Magnolia Bud
Presence Arising Out of Absence
Green Earth
Taro and Snowbank (False Chamomile) - work in progress
Flow Softly
Tall Grass
Warp and Weft in Grey
Diaphanous Chive Blossoms
Butterfly Weed
Mellifluous Grey
Hidden Depths I
Hidden Depths II
Cloud Bubbles
Linen I + Diaphanous Sea + Linen II
Beach, Ocean, Skay
Sea Life
Small Diaphanous + Small Mellifluous Grey I and II
Yellow Reeds + Faded Utility
Faded Utility 1
Mellifluous Black Grouping
Mellifluous Turquoise
Faded Utility 2
 20 x 20 inches  egg tempera and ink on paper
 12 x 16 inches  egg tempera and ink on paper
Soft Focus
Melt Into a Puddle
Black and Blue
Phthalo White Stripe
Up For Air - SOLD
Diaphanous Grey - SOLD
Navy Stripe (Faded Utility 8)
Solitude 1
Solitude II
 8 x 10 inches  egg tempera on wood
 ink on paper
 ink on paper
Essence of Daffodil
Ebb and Flow
Search Lines
Blue Landscape
 mixed media on paper
 mixed media on paper
Ode to Monet - SOLD
Seeking - SOLD
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