One Thing at a Time (Baja Daylily)
My Spotted Friend
No Beginning and No End
Small But Not Insignificant
Peace Offering
Divine Beauty
Sybil's Althea
Canna Whisper
Virginia Peonies
Palm Breeze
The Light in Me Sees the Light in You
Hope Amongst Chaos
Flower Wall
Life Is Beautiful
Good Morning Sunshine - Papaya
Strawberry Thief I
Strawberry Thief II
Nurturing Hope - NFS
Desert Roses
Lantana Life
Iris Sun Dance NFS
Red Canna
Scan 39 - Version 2.jpeg
Florida Conch
White Water Lily
Starfish on Damascus Tile
Pink Seashell
Childhood Treasures
Cinderella Pumpkin
Plums, Pear, Butterfly
Sub-tropical Pear
work in progress - Magnolia - Blossoming/Snail's Pace
Orchids, Ocean, Breath
work in progress - Seeking a turtle's pace
work in progress - Butterfly Breeze
Red Rose and Ladybug
Pink Rose and Ladybug
Blush Rose and Honeybee
Turban Squash
Vine Ripened
Mango I
Mango II
Lily Pads
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