Circuitous Path 1
Circuitous Path 4
Circuitous Path 2
Totem I
Totem II
Circuitous Path 6
Circuitous Path 5
Circuitous Path 3
Finding Water
Snowing Ginkgo
End of Summer Black-eyed Susans
Magnolia Bud
Presence Arising Out of Absence
Green Earth
Taro and Snowbank (False Chamomile) - work in progress
Flow Softly
Tall Grass
Warp and Weft in Grey
Diaphanous Chive Blossoms
Butterfly Weed
Mellifluous Grey
Hidden Depths I
Hidden Depths II
Cloud Bubbles
Linen I + Diaphanous Sea + Linen II
Beach, Ocean, Skay
Sea Life
Small Diaphanous + Small Mellifluous Grey I and II
Yellow Reeds + Faded Utility
Faded Utility 1
Mellifluous Black Grouping
Mellifluous Turquoise
Faded Utility 2
 20 x 20 inches  egg tempera and ink on paper
 12 x 16 inches  egg tempera and ink on paper
Soft Focus
Melt Into a Puddle
Black and Blue
Phthalo White Stripe
Up For Air - SOLD
Diaphanous Grey - SOLD
Navy Stripe (Faded Utility 8)
Solitude 1
Solitude II
 8 x 10 inches  egg tempera on wood
Essence of Daffodil
Ebb and Flow
Search Lines
Blue Landscape
Ode to Monet - SOLD
Seeking - SOLD
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