The ethereal beauty of nature, its replenishing qualities, as well as her training in art therapy/psychotherapy are major inspirations in Paige’s paintings.  She has long been a student of what is described as “finding bliss” by depth psychology, "flow" by positive psychology, and the Taoist idea of “way”.  These inspirations and ideas are at the essence of Paige's work.  Her paintings engender a space, or holding environment, where one is invited, awakened to, and reminded of the importance of the innermost workings of the human soul.  Her work speaks to a place just beyond consiousness where a deeper experience and meaning can be found.  She was born and raised in Alabama and spent large amounts of time playing in the fields and woods on her family’s land.  She received a bachelor of art in painting from Huntingdon College and a master's in art therapy and creativity development from Pratt Institute.  Paige is currently pursuing a doctorate in art education at Florida State University.  She has lived and painted amongst the people and landscapes of Alabama, Virginia, Nevada, Texas, New York, Hawaii, North Dakota, and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana.  Paige's artwork has been exhibited and sold throughout the United States and internationally.  She now paints in her home studio and garden in Alabama.   Paige shares her love and knowledge of art as an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at Troy University, Wallace Community College, and as a workshop Instructor.  


"Painting is a meditative process for me.  I apply many thin layers of paint to create a luminous, peaceful effect.  Through the creative process I rely on feeling and empathy, sensitivity to my medium, and the artwork’s surface and process to achieve a spiritual synthesis.  My art brings to my mind the awe and joy as well as the sense of calm and renewal found through a connection to nature.  I think each viewer will experience my work in their own unique way.  My hope is that my paintings become objects in their own right with a distinct physical and spiritual presence."